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How to install plugins in WordPress site

In this article you will learn about installation of plugins.

What is plugin

Plugins are just like readymade mini applications for the wordpress website they will give you the features which you don’t have by default in the wordpress theme. WordPress gives you a huge variety of plugins for your website some plugins are free and some are paid but mostly are free.

Step 1

Click on ==> Plugins then click on ==> Add New then search the plugin by enter the plugin name.

Step 2

List of plugins will be displayed according to your search. Then click on Install your required plugin after click on Activate.

Now plugin will be installed and activate on your wordpress site after that configure the plugin according to your requirements.

Install a Plugin by Uploading method

Free plugins will be installed by using the first method but the paid plugins will not be installed by first method. So we use this method for paid plugins.

Step 1

Download the paid plugin from the site. The downloaded file will be in the Zip format.

Click on ==> Plugins then ==> Add New ==> Upload plugin

Step 2

Upload plugin ==> Choose File ==> Select file

After uploading the plugin you need to click on install Now button then click on Activate Plugin.

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