Punjab Police Special branch Computer Job

Punjab Police Special Branch Computer job



Male / Female


Higher Formation

Last Date To Apply

17 November 2023

The Punjab Police Special branch of Pakistan is looking for a talented IT professional to join their Special branch. The Punjab Police’s initiative to hire an IT expert reflects their commitment to adapting to the modern world’s demands.

Following are the main Duties:

Digital Evidence Handling:

Managing and protective digital evidence in criminal investigations.


Protecting police data and systems from cyber threats.

IT Infrastructure Management:

Supervision and maintaining the police department’s technology infrastructure.

Crime Analysis and Prediction:

Using data analysis to understand and predict criminal activities.

Software Development:

Creating and maintaining custom software applications for police use.

Technical Support:

Providing assistance for technology-related issues and troubleshooting.

IT Policy Development:

Formulating and applying technology-related policies and procedures.

Training and Education:

Educating police employees on technology best practices and usage.

Digital Communication:

Managing digital channels for public engagement and information broadcasting.

Communicate with Other Agencies:

Partnering with external organizations to enhance law enforcement efforts.

Research and Innovation:

Staying updated on technology trends and exploring new solutions.

Project Management:

Leading or participating in IT projects to improve police operations.

Sr.NoPositionQualification RequirementsTotal No. of Seats

Technical Officer Male / Female

Master Degree in Computer science, Masters in Information Technology OR BSCS hons.
Duties: Special Branch head quater lahore

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