Adsense approval trick 2023


Now Adsense approval is a very difficult because google bot is very strict day by day. Before few months in past it is very to get Adsense approval only in writing few articles but now Adsense bot will check your site in very depth and if bot detects any issue he straight forward put your site in rejection.

Adsense Approval Issue.

There are several different issues in Adsense approval on these issues we detect one minor issue which is ignored by every most of the user’s or may be not aware of this issue which leads to Adsense rejection. The issue is mostly websites are not mobile friendly or Mobile usability issue which causes rejection from Adsense.

When Google search console bot crawl your website URL it shows that your website URL is now indexed but not follow the mobile usability. “URL is available to Google, but has issues

Google search console issue

Adsense Approval Solution.

By follow these steps you can easily overcome this issue and can easily get approval from Adsense.

First of all open Google search console and index your URL after Index the URL click on “Live Test” and checks what issue your URl will have if the Mobile Usability turns Orange rather than green then do the following steps.

Open wordpress dashboard then click on Appearance => Customize

In the Customize page find the option “Additional CSS” in this option write the following lines of code

@media only screen and (max-width: 600px) { p { Font-size: 16px; } }

After writing these lines click on “Published“.

Wait for the 15-20 minutes after that goto Google Search console again refresh the “Live Test” URL you will see that Mobile Usability orange tick turns into Green tick. Now you can successfully again apply for the Adsense approval and it confirms that you will get a confirm Adsense approval after these settings.

URL is available to google

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