The Inter Services Selection Board, or ISSB in Pakistan, is a selection board in responsible for choosing candidates for commissioned in Pakistan’s armed forces, which are the

  • Navy

  • Army

  • Air Force

To find out if a candidate meets the criteria for a military career, the ISSB takes a series of assessments and interviews.

ISSB follows a three dimensional selection process.

  1. The Psychologist 

  2. The GTO 

  3. The Deputy 

The structure and design of activities at ISSB are flexible and are regularly adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the armed forces. ISSB selection process is extensive and will last for four days. It involves an innovative and creative range of individual and group assessment methods, activities and sessions designed to provide an opportunity for the selectors to correctly assess the personality of the candidates. This is how the final picture of a candidate emerges reflecting three dimensions of his personality. The Board then decides about the final result and either recommends a candidate for further training or decides not to recommend a candidate being unsuitable for  military training. The results are communicated to respective services headquarters who make the final merit list and thus a fresh batch of cadets report to their academies at time and date set by the respective services headquarters. Successful candidates who pass the ISSB selection process are then recommended for commissioning in the Pakistani Armed Forces.