Step 1: Login into wordpress site

Step 2: Click on WP file manager

Step 3: Click on Public_html > Wp-content > themes > click on your active theme

Step 4: Upload the breadcrumbs.php file

Step 4.1: Download breadcrumbs.php file click here

Step 5: Or create the new .php file and copy the complete code as below

<?php $kyma_theme_options = kyma_theme_options();
if( $kyma_theme_options['crumb_and_title']=="not_of_them" ) return; 
<section class="content_section page_title">
    <div class="content clearfix">
        <h1 class=""><?php single_post_title(); ?></h1>
		if( $kyma_theme_options['crumb_and_title'] == "allow_both" ){
			if (function_exists('kyma_breadcrumbs')) kyma_breadcrumbs(); 

Step 6: update / refresh the browser.

For complete video click here