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Tips for Progressive Group Task in ISSB

Progressive Group Task in iSSB is performed on the 2nd day of the GTO task. In an ISSB Progressive Group Task, the GTO takes the group into the tasks area and give the group a task to perform. Total 3 different tasks are to be performed in ISSB Progressive Group Task which is tough. But you must not lose hope and try to do as much as you can. Try hard to do as perfect you can.


Total time for Progressive Group Task in ISSB is 40 minutes. You have to complete our assigned tasks in this time duration. Don’t worry if you cannot complete the task within time, just try hard to finish it in time. It depends on the GTO if he asks you to leave the running task and gives you the next one.

When the GTO gives you direction for the Progressive Group Task, he takes the whole group from the start line of the first obstacle to the finish line of the end one. As soon as he says that okay now you may start the task then the competition begins.

Guidelines and Tips

  • In Progressive Group Task there is a starting and finishing line. Different hurdles and obstacles are part of this task. There are different types of equipment like drum, plank, rope or boxes which you have to use during the task. These types of equipment are used according to the orders of GTO. All these things are to be transferred from starting line to the finishing line along with the candidate itself and after finishing the task you have to put these things back to their original place.
  • There are some inbound and outbound rules also. Inbound is that area where you can walk and touch during the task.While Outbound is the area that you cannot put your feet and touch by anyway. The red colors painted areas are all outbound while the areas painted as white, blue or yellow are all inbound. Jumping and throwing are also allowed in ISSB Progressive Group Task.
  • When GTO says that you may start, Run to the start line where the helping materials are placed as soon as possible. Don’t walk like a snail show some sense of laziness.
  • When you’ll run it’ll be an advantage for you only because then you’ll be able to catch hold of any of the helping material.
  • You must take the plank or balli (Urdu Word) or the rope in your hand and start the work immediately.
  • Please do not take the load and try to get your possession on the helping materials because then only you’ll be able to start the work.
  • While you are making your bridge you must ask other group members to help you and not try to do it on your own.
  • If someone else has taken the lead and started making the bridge then you must support them by your ideas and your physical help.
  • Do not stand and watch the other members doing it, you have to be involved and look involved.
  • Volunteer to cross the bridge first and encourage others to cross it as well. If anybody is hesitating then you must motivate them and help them in crossing.
  • While working and encouraging others you must be loud enough because your voice must reach the GTO at least and he’ll think that you are involved.
  • You must look working the entire time, try not to remain idle for a single second.
  • When the GTO is giving the directions he might ask you that okay now I’ll tell you the rules for PGT, does anybody knows the rule? Then please do not act over smart and say ‘Yes’, because this is the first Outdoor task you are blank on the rules as of now.
  • Do not ask the GTO silly questions like how much distance is 3-4 feet, at your age you are expected to have that much sense of distance.
  • The GTO will even ask your group that how much time you’ll need to complete the task, do not say 30 minute or 35 minutes, tell 1 hour he’ll bargain for 40-45 minute.
  • Do not shout at your team members and do not throw the helping material etc.
  • Do not break the rules and if you are breaking any you have infinite chance to correct it, there is no penalty hence if you happen to break a rule then you must repeat the task again. Honesty is what is expected from you.
  • Wait till all the members have crossed.
  • Do not look at the GTO all the time.
  • DO not give up easily, keep on motivating your team members and encouraging them to perform.

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