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Tips For Command Task in ISSB

ISSB Command Task is tricky one because most of the time it is performed at the end of all the physical activities. At that point, all the candidates are exhausted and tired and this is the best time to judge their physical power, stamina and mental acceptance.

What is ISSB Command Task?

In ISSB Command Task, the GTO takes the group into the ground and picks one candidate out of 9 in a group and take him aside. He takes a short interview of him which prolongs for 2-4 minutes. He makes him understand the task which he and his group mates have to perform. After that all he has to do is to call his group and do the task.

Basically, one candidate out of 9 is made the commander and others have to follow his instructions. Out of these 9 candidates only 6 participants will work on ISSB Command Task and other 3 will stand their quietly acting as observers.

The observers won’t have a right to criticize or say anything they will just observe the whole group. Similarly, the commander can’t take any advice or guidance from those 3 observers.


The time given for ISSB Command Task consists of 2 minutes but it depends on the GTO. If he wants he will end your task within 2 minutes. In these 2 minutes you have to practically act on the strategy you have made to pass the hurdles.

Calling your Group:

The most noticeable thing by the GTO is when you have to call your group. This happens when you have been instructed about the task you have to complete and the GTO says you to call others. He will not mention that how you have to call them so it’s all up to you. You can’t call them by saying,

“Oye, Hello, Aye, Friends, Suno, etc”.

You have to call them with the words,

“Group mates”, “Squad”, “Chest Fellows” etc.

Remember that you will be standing far away from them so you have to be audible and loudCall them clearly and loudly so that they can hear you and you seem to be like a commanding officer.

ISSB Command Task

Tips for ISSB Command Task:

  • Listen to the GTO’s instructions carefully.
  • Make out a strategy on how you and your group going to complete the ISSB Command Task.
  • Call your group with suitable word.
  • Call them clearly and loudly.
  • Your main focus must be your team during the task.
  • All the other members have to follow commander’s order no matter whatever it is or you like it or not.
  • The GTO may ask the observers to suggest something to their team but they have to be quite and give no remarks whether positive or negative.
  • The team working on ISSB Command Task should not take help of the observers or GTO if they offer their help.

If you have any doubt or you need any information please ask your questions below in comment section.

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    • Dear Khubaib , The initial test of PMA is not that much difficult, you can find notes easily on internet. Focus on your health and try to improve your mental intelligence too.

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