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Sex Related Questions Asked in ISSB Interviews

Sex Related Questions at ISSB Interviews – Tips and Guidelines

As of my experience the most irritating and hesitating part of the whole ISSB process is of sex-related question asked by an officer during the interview. In Pakistani society people don’t talk about sex in public. Friends can can do, with each other, but in front of parents, teachers and specially an officer, it is difficult for Pakistani students to answer the sex-related questions. So we will talk about how to deal with that situation and how to answer the questions confidently.

This is the only reason that candidates have too much hesitation on Sex Related Questions at ISSB. Remember that Sex Related Questions at ISSB not just mean that all the questions will be related to ‘sex’, there will be gender based questions also which can be asked so smoothly that you will not even realize that it was related to the Sex Related Questions portion.

Purpose of Sex Related Questions at ISSB Interviews

The psychologist has analyzed your personality already before you have entered the interview room. With all your data provided and the content you have written in different psychologist tests, a true and authentic perception of your personality has been built in the mind of the psychologist. They are such experts that they can even judge you by your handwriting and with great accuracy. Imagine what your answers will give impression!

Even after knowing a lot about you, the psychologist main purpose to ask Sex Related Questions at ISSB is to analyze:

  • If you are a straight forward person or not
  • How do you defend your written statement if you have encountered any such question
  • Your mentality regarding to opposite gender
  • Your comfort level with such questions


Tips and Guidelines of Sex Related Questions at  ISSB Interviews

Sex related questions are of many kinds. Some are very blunt and straightforward while other are asked indirectly. No matter how the question is keep remember the following guidelines. We have gathered some real term questions asked in the Psychologist interview and the way to tackle them.

  • Have you seen blue print movie?

This question can awestruck many of the candidates but it is not that much tough. Now days there are a lot of Hollywood and Bollywood movies in which nudity scenes are shown. The best way to answer this question is to tell them that you have not seen a blue print movie (if you have not) but you know what does it contains. You cant deny totally that you are not aware of it as an adult you already know about it.

  • What does B.P or H.P stands for?

The most common answer to it is a blue print or hand practice, but you can also respond it as boiling point or horse power respectively.

  • Questions regarding a girlfriend/boyfriend

IF you are not married than it is obvious that at some stage of your life there will be a person you would like to make your spouse and you start thinking about him/her in a different way. Questions related to boyfriend/girlfriend are not that tough. If they ask you that do you have one there are different ways to answer. If you have been a student of co education it must be the case that you like someone you can just say that there is a girl/boy but we are good friends and I’ve not thought about this. IF they try to probe you more you can also say that you do like a cousin (or whatever relation is he/she to you) but before going into a relationship and getting him/her as a spouse you would have to work hard and make yourself capable first.

Similar questions will be asked from you like what do you like in her/him? How often do you meet? Have you kissed? Would you marry? Where did you meet the first time? How much you talk? Etc.

Remember that the information you are providing to them is of no use to them they just want to know you that how are you responding. Crammed or fake answers will easily be caught by them so try to provide them the truth and avid awkward gestures and remarks.

  • Did you ever have sex?

The answer to this question must be a ‘No’ but if you want to tell them the truth you should be ready to defend your yes and there will be more questions related to it after getting a yes from you.

  • If you are with the girl you love alone, what will you do with her?

 (Try to answer this question by your self, try to think over it, use your mind and come up with an answer and post here).

Don’t be shy. Be bold. Interestingly sometimes such questions are not asked from many candidates altogether, and some are given real tough time. The reason is same “Contradiction” in their previous test answers.

Although its not hard and fast rule, but it is a myth that usually candidates who go to Kohat are asked such questions more frequently then those who go to Gujerawala. But i say better be prepared then sorry.


Do’s and Don’ts:

When encountered with Sex Related Questions at ISSB remember:

  • Do not say a negative thing.
  • Don’t let your hesitation overcome your good image.
  • Tell them what they want to know.
  • Don’t be too much open minded.
  • Don’t give crammed up or fake answers. You will be caught immediately.
  • Don’t manipulate your answers.
  • Stick to what you have written in your tests; candidates are given a tough time if there is some contradiction in what they write and what they say.
  • Don’t be shy. Be bold. You are not a kid any more.
  • Analyze yourself what do you think about the opposite sex.
  • Have a persistent attitude.
  • Avoid awkward gestures and facial expressions.
  • Try to maintain your eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Don’t roll over your eyes on any point.

If you read this article carefully and follow our guidelines then there is a brighter chance that you will clear this portion of Sex related questions at ISSB. If you still have some questions in mind then you can ask here in comments section.

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