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PMA Long Course Initial Test Preparation and Sample Papers

Every year Pakistan Army announces PMA Long Course for the selection of the commissioned officers as 2nd Lieutenant. When the respective courses of PAK Army are announcing, Candidate can register by visiting the official site of Pakistan Army.

The Selection procedure of the PMA Long Course is 3D. Candidates are examined through a series of test in order to determine their suitability to join PAK Army through PMA Long Course.
The Complete Selection Procedure for PMA Long Course is given as:
  • Initial Selection Test for PMA Long Course
  • Physical Test
  • Medical Test
  • ISSB Tests

Here are the Complete details of the Initial Selection for PMA Long Course…

The initial selection for PMA Long Course is carried out at Army Selection and Recruitment Centers. All the tests are carried out under the hold of Pakistan Army.

Initial Test For PMA Long Course

Initial test of PMA Long Course consists of
  • Verbal Intelligence Test 96 Questions (30 Min)
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Test 96 Question (30 Min)
  • Academic Test 40 Questions (40 Min)
Intelligence tests are very important to join Armed Forces.They have their own vital role in the selection of the candidates.They express the basic I.Q of a candidate.
These tests are conducted to select those candidates who possess a healthy body as well as mental faculties.In the service of an officer, he faces complicated conditions.As in such situations, not only his life but lives of numerous soldiers under his command are at risk.If the officer has sharp intellect then he can withstand in such situations.

Intelligence Test is very significant in all selection tests of PAK Armed Forces i.e. PAK Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The verbal intelligence is one of the first and basic tests for PMA Long Course initial test. In this test usually, a series or sequence in verbal form is given and the candidates are required to put their answer by completing the series or sequence.

Non-Verbal Intelligence is the second major test for the Initial test of PMA Long course. It is similar to verbal intelligence test but in this test some figures are shown in a sequence and candidates have to chose the missing figure from the option to complete sequence.

The candidates who successfully clear verbal and non-verbal test for initial selection of PMA have to clear academic test.

The academic test consists of MCQ’s form general knowledge, Islamic, Math, Pak Study knowledge.

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    1. Ward certificate of father (retired or serving in armed forces must be attached
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