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ISSB Picture Story Writing Tips


It is also the most important tool to assess a candidate’s mindset is the ISSB Picture Story Writing. In this test, all you have to do is to make a story of a picture shown to you on the multimedia. The pictures shown in this test are basically sketched pictures with no colors. Different objects or characters are shown on a picture and you have to make a story out of it. This is done to assess the nature of perception of a person and is the very strong tool for psychologists. ISSB Picture Story Writing is also called Thematic Apprehension Test in the psychological term.

Number of Pictures:

A sum total of 4 pictures will be shown to you on the multimedia. Each picture will last for a limited period of time so that you can write down a story.


A single picture will be shown for 30 seconds and then more 30 seconds will be given to you to make a story out of it. After that, you will be given 3.5 minutes to write down a story. The same process will be repeated for other 3 pictures.

Tips to attempt ISSB Picture Story Writing
Following are some of the helpful tips to tackle the ISSB Picture Story Writing.

  • Watch the picture carefully. Notice the details like characters, expressions, actions, objects and the surroundings.
  • Make an idea or a story out of that picture in the 30 seconds provided to you. You have to think of a story quickly.
  • Your story must be relate-able to the picture shown.
  • Irrelevant details if written will waste your own time.
  • Write approximately 12 lines.
  • Try to end your story by writing the complete concept you want to deliver.
  • Your writing must be illegible.
    Write your own idea and do not copy the ideas of others.
  • Never ask for picture description from an ISSB staff member.
  • Once completed and got any time left, try to read it once again.
  • Do not panic and write what your mind says.

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