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ISSB Indivisual Obstacles


ISSB Individual Obstacles are the hotly debated issue among the applicants who are going for ISSB. It is thought to be the hardest piece of ISSB the same number of hopefuls don’t know about nor they are physically so great like a sportsman.

What is ISSB Individual Obstacles?

ISSB Individual Obstacles are 9 unique obstacles in the ground which a competitor needs to go in 2 minutes. These obstacles are of various sorts which will use the vitality and capacity of all your body muscles. The use of all body muscles is utilized as a part of ISSB Individual Obstacle. Before playing out the ISSB Individual Obstacles the GTO demonstrates a video to the hopeful on the sight and sound that how to pass each obstacle in the correct way. So before performing, you are given a correct thought of the circumstance outwardly. It is done to see the physical ability of an applicant, his stamina and self-control to finish the assignment.

  • Listen to the briefing deep concentration.
  • Avoid fast running (shot running) when you start this task.
  • When you did foul try, again and again, don’t lose your confidence and courage.
  • Avoid attempting first high mark obstacles.


Each competitor will perform only it and exclusively. It relies upon the possibility to do any one first or last it implies that there is no particular request for these obstacles.

Red Color painted territory or things are Out of Bound and you can’t touch these things.

On the off chance that you complete one hindrance wrong you can do it over and over until the point when you finish it.

try not to endeavor to do anybody more than twice until the point that you finish all obstructions.

When you finish all impediments you are permitted to all deterrents or one snag over and over.

When you enter the region you will remain in shape and sit tight for the shriek

The aide blow the shriek and your opportunity begins and you can begin Obstacles

When he again make shriek your opportunity is finished and you need to zone.

On the off chance that you are in the center of any hindrances i.e hanging span, crisscross, monkey connect.

In the event that you get all hindrances finished before time then you can do impediments once more. On the off chance that you perform one deterrent over and over in the wake of finishing all then you’ll get its check for each time.

For instance, you have finished all snags previously and time and you perform rope climbing 3 times again then you’ll be given 11×3=33 imprints.

In any case, in the event that you haven’t finished all obstructions and you perform rope climbing 3 times then you’ll be given signs of just a single time which is 11.


Begin Point:

It is smarter to perform it in an arrangement.

It has the accompanying obstructions:

Red Circle:

It is a hover in which you will remain until the point when the assistant blow shriek.

It is otherwise called beginning stage on the grounds that from here you need to begin deterrents

1.Monkey Bridge:

It is made of two parallel ropes which are at the stature of 13 feet. The territory between these two ropes is 4 feet. One side of this has a step and the opposite side has ropes. Applicants will move at one favor the assistance of the stepping stool. There is two approaches to finish it.

Catch the upper rope and remain on the lower rope and stroll on bring down rope.

Or on the other hand slither on the lower rope like monkey creeping.

In this way applicant will go to the opposite side

At the opposite side he will descend by the assistance of rope.

At the rope, there is a blue stamp underneath which you can likewise bounce to the ground however It is perilous for you to hop.

In the event that you hop and your hands are upper than the blue check, the obstruction won’t consider to be finished.

By doing this you get 9 marks.

2. Tarzan Swing

This is likewise a simple snag

It is much the same as a swing. There will be slide of 3 feet stature you will move to this slide by a drum or a little stepping stool. At that point the aide will give you the rope. You will grasp the rope and will bounce accordingly you will swing to the opposite side. At that side you will arrive on the other slide of same stature of 3 feet

at that point after safe landing you can hop on ground and subsequently the obstruction is finished.

By doing this properly you will get 5 numbers

Note that the ground between these two slides is out of Bound

On the off chance that you tumbled down from the swing toward the Out of Bound territory the obstruction won’t consider being finished.

3. Rope climbing

It is the one most troublesome deterrent. It is a rope secures with a pool above. Its stature is 9 feet

You will ascend the shaft with the assistance of the rope and after that you will go over the post and will again catch the rope.

lf you contract a similar side in which you first climb you have not did it rectify and will get no imprints. lf you do it amend you will get 11 numbers.

Note that the Rope climbing has greatest checks in all snags.

4. Dump crossing

It is the straightforward hopping assignment like as in physical tests. It is a straightforward discard which length and width is 7.4 and profundity is 4 feet. You need to just bounce over the discard and snag is finished. There is just 1 stamp for this.

5. High Jump

It is likewise a basic bounce. In this you need to bounce over a slide of 3 feet stature. In the event that you touch it the obstruction won’t consider to be done it implies you need to traverse it without touching it. You can hop from the any side either from back or from front. There are 4 marks.

6. Crisscross.

This snag is comprised of the 3 slides fit as a fiddle of crisscross. These slides are making a point and going upward. The principal end of this is 2 feet high. You will bounce to next one which is 4 feet high starting from the earliest stage you need to hop to next which is 6 feet high from ground. At that point you need to bounce to the ground. These slides are Out of Bound for hands so you can’t touch the slide with hands.

By doing it effectively you will get 5 numbers.

7. Boxing Ring

It is a basic Ring court yet there will be likewise a rope amidst the ring. Every one of the ropes are 2 feet high from ground which are red limited which implies they are out of bound. So,you can’t touch the body with the ropes.

You need to do it with a particular technique as first rope is to be traverse the in the first place, by going under second and by hopping over the third.

In the event that you touch the rope you need to do cross just that rope not from the begins

It has 3 marks

8. Tire

It is a straightforward vehicle tire hanging with a rope which is 3 feet high rom the ground.Tire and rope are Inbound so you can touch it

You can do it by two techniques:

Grasp the rope with a bunch and out your legs in the tire and after that entire body, when you touch the ground leave the rope and cross your body inside the tire.

The second technique is to cross as by Gymnastic strategy, so that over the tire without complaining the rope

This deterrent has 3 numbers

9. Hanging Bridge

It is otherwise called Hanging Bridge. This is comprised of a board which is attach to a post with ropes.

The rope with which it is attach is Red painted so it is Out of Bound on the off chance that you touch it you need to do it once more

Endeavor to cross it with one stage and as though you put the 2 foot you may you lose your adjust and it is conceivable you tumbled down.


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