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ISSB Group Planning Tips

This is an indoor test conducted by the GTO (Group Testing Officer) to test the planning ability of the candidates. Besides the tactical, administrative and organisational ability of the candidates, their mental alertness, i.e. their power of understanding a problem quickly, finding out its correct solution and then expressing it correctly, and forcefully will come into play.

It is a group task and not an individual task. Therefore, the candidate’s power of working in a team or group and a spirit of give and take is also put to test. Other qualities which are tested are reasoning ability and power of convincing with his arguments.

Instruction for candidates for group planning test [GPT]

  • Read the printed instructions carefully and not carefully the minutest details.
  • Listen to the GTO very carefully.
  • Make sure that you have correctly understood the requirement of the problem. If you have any doubts, have these clarified from the GTO.
  • When the solution is being discussed give your solution with confidence and express it with clarity.
  • Work like a team your group is everything in this task.
  • When another candidate is giving his solution, listen to him patiently and speak only when you have really some more rational and constructive suggestions to make. Do not interrupt merely for the sake of speaking.
  • Consider yourself that you are in the given situation and then work out for the plan.
  • Focus on the numeric information given to you like speed, distance, etc.
  • Explain fearlessly to the GTO what comes into your mind.

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