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ISSB Group Discussion And Topics

ISSB Group Tasks are held on 2nd Day and 3rd Of ISSB. These tests determine the individual as well as the group value of the candidate. As ISSB selects the future leaders for Pak Armed Forces who have potential to lead their teams. So that’s why the group, as well as the individual value of the candidate, is determined either he is able to lead the team or not.

ISSB Group Discussion And Lecturette Topics

Group discussion and lecturatte topics are first two indoor group tasks of issb tests. The purpose of these tests is to judge the point of view of the candidate toward a specific issue.

ISSB Group Discussion

       In group discussion task of issb, the group of the candidates is given a topic for discussion. Candidates are asked to express their views on the given topic in a limited time of almost 10 min.

The main factors which GTOs trace out inside the candidate personality are his ability to co-operate, his ability to work, his persuasive qualities, his positive interests and approaches and his qualities of leadership…

“How to make a good point of view during ISSB group discussion”

“How to make the first impression on GTO during ISSB group discussion”


The group discussion has vital importance in chances of being recommended. As it’s the first GTO task, So it will be your first opportunity to prove your worth to the group and in this task, the candidate can make his first impression on GTO by this task.

As the group discussion is the leaderless task so there is an opportunity for each candidate to express his co-operation skills among the group. Every single candidate in the group must be given an opportunity to reveal his way of thinking about the given topic.

Helpful Tips For ISSB Group Discussion

Candidate can prove his worth during group discussion by expressing many qualities and his own abilities.

First of all, the candidate should understand the subject or topic of group discussion. He/She must take full interest in the group discussion topic and stay active while his/her observation about the views of other candidates should be very sharp and active.
Observe all the candidates who are in the group. If someone is waiting for the chance to speak you must give him/her chance to speak. Spirits and facial expression should be cheerful.

Candidate should try to take initiative role during the group discussion but in the case only when he/she has enough info about the given topic of group discussion. It is not necessary but a candidate can make a good impression.
If a candidate thinks that he/she can sum up all the topic and conclusion then it is better to speak up at the last.

There are some qualities that do matters during issb group discussion.

  • Confidence
  • Eye contact
  • Face expression
  • Point of view

Candidate should illustrate his point of view with

  • confidence reasonable logic
  • short but brief
  • the expressive manner

Candidate must not be

  • Rigid in his ideas
  • repeating same things again and again
  • Avoid self-contradictions

Topics of Group Discussion in ISSB


  The topics of issb group discussion are given below:
  1. Solution of Kashmir Conflict
  2. Pakistan’s policy against India
  3. Unemployment
  4. Are we a civilized nation?
  5. Women’s Equality with men
  6. Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage which is better
  7. Co-education
  8. Today’s Pakistan after 70 years
  9. How can a nation progress?

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