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How to Fill ISSB bio Data Form

The way to fill ISSB Bio data form is a challenging job for you if you’re looking at ISSB for the first time. In your Arrival Day you need to complete some necessary forms. This form at ISSB is known as the Bio data Form and is of much importance till your death.


What happens really is anything you fill out in this ISSB Bio Data Form is used by the police to perform a comprehensive analysis on you. Many questions and questions will be asked related to the statements that you have written down in the ISSB Bio Data Form.

One needs to be sharp when filling the document. Bear in mind that you can’t input any false information. This can lead you to the direct point of disqualification and in other instances may direct you to permanent ban for implementing in any other vacancy in Armed forces of Pakistan. So any sort of misleading or fraud material isn’t allowed. All information provided has to be valid and authentic.

The form you filled at the very first day will be in his hands and he’ll ask various questions associated with your statements. A few of the candidates are unable to answer those tricky questions to dig the real you. Here’s some of the Ideas To Fill ISSB Bio Data Form.




Tips To Fill ISSB Bio data Type:

Don’t attempt to exaggerate or mislead.
Provide authentic and valid info.

Right exactly what is requested.
Your educational information provided must match to your original documents.
They are the directors and they’ll know!
ISSB Bio data Type:

Bio data Types at ISSB includes the following items:

  • Personal information
  • Contact details
  • Educational background
  • Family background
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Medical fitness
  • Routine life
  • Incidents of life

Let’s talk about these things in details and type out your inquiries:

Personal information:

You have to right precise data in the form. Sometimes the job of your parents isn’t so clear. By way of instance if your dad is a simple farmer and not have a lot of land possessed only by him you still need to correct it exactly that he’s a farmer, don’t right ‘landlord’ if he’s not. Similarly, if your mom is a very simple housewife just right it. Do not try to be over smart and provide misleading information.


You hobbies, sports and interests will also be asked in exactly the exact same category and you must write down what it’s meant. Don’t attempt to exaggerate or attempt to write something that is never your interest or hobby. If your interest is in politics or current affairs additionally, it will give an opportunity to the interviewer to ask as much questions from this interest as he would like to. Similarly, if studying is the hobby you might be asked about the sort of books you read, newest book you’ve read, its story line, etc and similar things. If you’re good in certain sports only write it down. If you’re a part of any college or local team then mention it, it will not place a poor effects. But if you aren’t a sport person and only a game watching person on TV, simply mention it.


Your throw and sub-cast are requested from the ISSB Bio data Type. Simply put, throw means that your ‘zaat’. In our society we’re having so many casts and these casts are further split into sub-casts. By way of instance if you’re a ‘Jutt’ it’s your throw, but what sort of Jutt you’re will refer to its sub-cast, for example you’re a ‘Jutt’ but might be ‘Sandhu’, ‘Kahloon’, ‘Gill’, ‘Cheema’, ‘Chatta’ , etc. these are the sub-casts and there are a number of sub-casts of a throw.


Complete the form with your precise cast. If you’re confused about it, then ask your dad or loved ones.


Entering your date of arrival is somewhat tricky. Actually you must figure your exact age the day you’re at ISSB which means that how many years, months, days are you older right now.

The solution is simple. Do simple subtraction


6 — 5 — 5 — 1990
Just like this you must calculate yours.


Yes. You need to supply detailed information about your relatives that are in Armed Forces. Ask your relatives about their official title as in papers, rank, article, their present address, your connection with them and where they’re posted currently. It is important to know all these things so that you ought not get difficulty there.

Medical Fitness:

Simple questions are asked so that they can know if you’re able to do the physical task with no physical hurdle. Questions are:

In case you’ve gone through any surgical procedure?
Were you ever knocked out unconscious by a fall or injury and for how long?
Did you ever suffer with: breathlessness, headache, insomnia, palpitation, muscular pains, muscular trembling, sensitive skin, fatigue, nausea/vomiting?
Answer these questions as they’re asked. Should you face any of these problems simply mention it and do not attempt to mislead them. If you suffer from some of these situation, the police will instantly know as soon as you’re in the area with them.


The most important factor in the Bio data Form is an incident happened in your lifetime. There might be a situation mentioned and you need to write upon it relative to your own life experience.

Questions such as this are essentially asked to be aware of the psychological level, emotional impact and behavioral effect. The interviewer may ask many questions related to your response if he finds it is interesting or even when he finds out any suspicion that the story you’ve cited is fake or made up. These events of your life might be a minor or mega events, may be from your college life, youth or a recent episode. All you’ve got to do is write something nice and appealing.

The principal intent of this question would be to research to you and understand and to know you better. This can analyze the psychological level of you, the kinds of events you’ve faced, the kinds of things you can endure, how eventful is your life and how your life is changing.


One thing which is very important is that the event You’re writing down has to be genuine and not a fake
Chose a few events with positive influence on your life and try to prevent the negative ones or those that have given you psychological breakdown.

Likewise, ‘Unforgettable Event’ could be something tragic or some thing really happy occurred in your life. Unforgotten is something that happened and you can’t overlook it for the rest of your life. It can be both joyful and sad so try to determine what you’ll write in this class.
The ‘Shocking Event’ is something that has startled you and you’ve been in a jolt. This incident could be sad or happy but the fantastic thing would be to write something positive and joyful shocking episode of your life.
Write 7-10 lines relating to this incident. If you have more space and you can pen your event into some very good words then it is possible to write more.
Now get yourself ready to fill out ISSB Bio data form smartly and collect all of the information we’ve mentioned. So as to be the ideal candidate, some assignments is obviously vital. Stay calm and operate on it.

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